Thursday, March 31, 2011

2nd Day Of PURE HECK!!! (and BTW I didn't want to say the real word lol)

Ok so, as I promised, I would write to you about my second day, which is today.  So, today at my school is a half day, because it's spring break vacation!!! YAY!!! I can't wait to get away from all of this drama is  OVER!!! ZIP, ZADA, NADA!! haha.  Having been in this private school, with A LOT of snobby people, I have learned a few lessons, and have grown to LOVE (not in the way that you are thinking, lol) and treasure these few people,

1.Conlee-My sista 4eva!
2. Gianna-I share my secrets with you and I know that you will ALWAYS keep them bestie!!!
3. Paris- even though you are new this year I feel like I have known you for many years, I luv ya girlie!!!
4.Rachel G.- I luv ya girlie, even though we do bite eachother's arms off (literally, ok maybe not the off part but still lol)
5. Marjolaine- even though we probably don't hang out that much anymore ( and I gotta admit, that I really do miss our bff friend ship, I still luv ya girlie.

Ok..... Back to today, reality....................

Ok so when I got here, the "Arab" was actually nice to me!! YAY I have tried soooooo hard to tell her (not lying) that the outfit wasn't about her, and it's true! From the first day that I have met Rachel D. I've always wanted to be her bff, and I was for a while until I told a little white lie about my family. And then, I guess we lost it lol. But I NEVER under ANY cercumstances, let that change me EVER and I NEVER EVER regretted our friendship because it was probably the most fun that i had in those past couple of years! (besides going to Sea World and Disneyland!!! :P) Ok, so I will tell you more tom. about my day, because I am at school, and I need to work on my Greek Mythology Term Paper, CYA!!!
-Kaylee K.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Arab Is On The Loose!

Hey Peeps! Having a bad day at school so far for the 2nd day that I haven't posted...
But now, I am going to tell you all about it!

Day 1 (The day that I promised that I would post but I didn't)

And if you guys came to my blog from , I had an outfit that was titled, "Rachel's Outfit", and there was a quote in it saying, "Get Out Of My Way Bitch!" and I have a girl that goes here named, Rachel D. (and we call her that because we have two Rachel's in the same grade, 6th, and we call them, Rachel G. and Rachel D. (Rachel D. is the Arab that Luvs Humus!!!) and Rachel G. is the (creative, funny, fun, and weird but yet cool girl!) Rachel G.'s left cheek, (her right) smells like a marsh-mellow!!! hahaha lol!! Ok so the beginning of the day, Rachel D. was on her computer, and she saw the outfit that said, "Get Out Of My Way Bitch!!!" and then she totally freeked out!!! She thought that it was ALL about her, but it wasn't! Ok, so every year I go to Armenian Camp, and last summer I met this girl there, named, Rachel Lian. Rachel Lian pretended to be my BFF, and btw, everyone there was trash talking about me, and Rachel Lian said that she wasn't. Well that's what she told me, and she lied, and guess what she said about me this time. "Kaylee is such a Bitch that was adopted by her Grandparents because when her mom and dad saw her, she was so ugly, that they gave her up!" or, "Kaylee is a low life Bitch that is poor and is a Briteny Spears wannabe!" So when I found out, ( the day was the last day, where we left the camp and returned home,) I asked her what's her problem and why did she do this to me. Then, she said, "Get Out Of My Way Bitch!" and that's who it was about, Rachel Lian. So, Rachel D. thought it all wrong, and she thought that I was trying to make fun of her and ruin her friendship with my and her BFF's, Gianna and Conlee.
Ok so I will tell you about Day 2 tomorrow!!!
-Peace, Love, KK

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Hey peoples, sry I wasn't on in a couple of days, I have been SUPER busy. I just got back from sushi, Omino Sushi, in LA. AUHMAZZING!!! lol. I am a sushi Luva! 4eva! lol jk. and I am doing ok in school. I don't want any creepy people following me around so, I am going to use, names that describe the person, like Iamsoperfect. School is tommorow and I will tell you more about it tom. Ok Goodnight peoples!!!
P.S. Daumn STRAIGHT! lol

Friday, March 25, 2011

Different From The Others (1)

Hey peoples, this is my first blog, and I am pretty excited, because I don't like to write in a diary, and i type pretty fast so yeah lol. Not to mention that this helps with my typing and writing skills!!! Ok so, so far I am having a pretty good day, it's about 9:35 pm, and i am going to bed in a while so no need to worries peoples!!! lol, so I want to know if  i should put this as my diary, or reports, or reviews!! Cause I really don't know what to do lol.
-Straight Up KK