Thursday, March 31, 2011

2nd Day Of PURE HECK!!! (and BTW I didn't want to say the real word lol)

Ok so, as I promised, I would write to you about my second day, which is today.  So, today at my school is a half day, because it's spring break vacation!!! YAY!!! I can't wait to get away from all of this drama is  OVER!!! ZIP, ZADA, NADA!! haha.  Having been in this private school, with A LOT of snobby people, I have learned a few lessons, and have grown to LOVE (not in the way that you are thinking, lol) and treasure these few people,

1.Conlee-My sista 4eva!
2. Gianna-I share my secrets with you and I know that you will ALWAYS keep them bestie!!!
3. Paris- even though you are new this year I feel like I have known you for many years, I luv ya girlie!!!
4.Rachel G.- I luv ya girlie, even though we do bite eachother's arms off (literally, ok maybe not the off part but still lol)
5. Marjolaine- even though we probably don't hang out that much anymore ( and I gotta admit, that I really do miss our bff friend ship, I still luv ya girlie.

Ok..... Back to today, reality....................

Ok so when I got here, the "Arab" was actually nice to me!! YAY I have tried soooooo hard to tell her (not lying) that the outfit wasn't about her, and it's true! From the first day that I have met Rachel D. I've always wanted to be her bff, and I was for a while until I told a little white lie about my family. And then, I guess we lost it lol. But I NEVER under ANY cercumstances, let that change me EVER and I NEVER EVER regretted our friendship because it was probably the most fun that i had in those past couple of years! (besides going to Sea World and Disneyland!!! :P) Ok, so I will tell you more tom. about my day, because I am at school, and I need to work on my Greek Mythology Term Paper, CYA!!!
-Kaylee K.

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